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Pharmacy Technicians

The duty of a Pharmacy Technician is to fill prescriptions and carry out routine tasks before being approved by a qualified Pharmacist. In general you may be responsible for counting tablets, measuring, labeling and ordering supplies. read more about an average day of a pharmacy tech...

Top 5 reasons to be a Pharmacy Tech

Are you interested in a secure career that will allow you to work with and help people in need? A pharmacy technician works under the direction of a pharmacist, providing medication and health care services to patients. Interested? You may want to consider these reasons to become a pharmacy tech.

Reason 1. Job Security
As our population ages, more and more people will rely on both prescription and non-prescription medications to maintain their health. Pharmacy technicians are predicted to be in high demand as new medications are developed and released to the public.

Reason 2. Convenience
Pharmacy techs are needed virtually everywhere in the country. Many pharmacy techs work in retail pharmacies, either privately owned or part of a larger drugstore or grocery store. Other technicians work in hospitals and clinics, or even for pharmaceutical companies or the Federal Government. Wherever you may choose to work, you will have a variety of options in a location close to home.

Reason 3. Develop communication skills
As a pharmacy tech, your constant interactions with the public will help you to develop excellent communication skills. You will assist everyone from the elderly to the parents of young children, teaching patients how to best use their medications.

Reason 4. Continuing Education
As a pharmacy tech, you may be able to continue your education and become a pharmacist or health professional. Your experience will provide valuable training and familiarity with the field of medicine.

Reason 5. Make a difference
Finally, pharmacy technicians help people in need. You will leave work each day knowing that you have helped sick people along the road to recovery.

Featured Schools in California

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XRay Tech Schools

What to Look For in an X-Ray Tech school.
If you are thinking of training at Xray tech school, then you need to think about your requirements. You may want to become a Radiologic Technician, or you may want to become more highly qualified as a Radiologic Technologist. If this is the case, you will generally need the longer Bachelor's program. Some Xray tech schools are linked to hospitals, but you can also train at colleges, universities, and vocational (technical) institutes. The US Armed Forces also train people if you are interested in a caring career within the military. read more about xray tech schools

Pharmacy Tech Salary and Wages

What Effect do Professional Qualifications Have on Pharmacy Tech Salary and Wages?
Very simply, the higher your qualifications, the more valuable you are to an employer. In most cases educational achievement is rewarded with a matching rise in salary. Some employers may be so keen to have you qualified they may offer to pay for your training. Where you are situated may affect your salary too. There can be a difference of $6,000 per annum between some states for exactly the same work. read more about pharmacy tech salary and wages...

Pharmacies: Retail moneymaker makes for job stability

A pharmacy technician works closely with the pharmacist in various settings. There is a growing trend in the retail pharmacy industry. Pharmacies are no longer just located in drug stores. Now, you can find them in chain grocery stores such as Safeway and Wal-Mart. read more about retail pharmacies...

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