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What Pharmacy Tech Books are Necessary When Pursuing a Pharmacy Technician Education?
Once you have decided to become a Pharmacy Technician and enrolled on a program, you will naturally turn to getting the right pharmacy tech books to help you through the courses. Programs vary between states and colleges, and individual teachers generally have their own favorites and recommendations. What suits your friend, may not suit you. The best way of getting suitable pharmacy tech books is to request a "book list" from your college. This book list may be available online, or during your enrolment. If there isn't one, ask your teachers for guidance. Take a trip to your college library or bookstore and see what you think before making any investment. Pick a subject you have trouble understanding, if the book can explain it to you, then that is a good investment! In general terms you may study areas of chemistry, pharmacology, physiology, record keeping, and ethics.

What Topics of Study are Covered, and How are They Related to the Career?
You will need to understand medical and pharmaceutical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations (strengths, concentrations, solubilities, weight: volume ratios), pharmacy record keeping, pharmaceutical techniques, customer service, and pharmacy law and ethics. You will need all of these to help assist the Pharmacist by accurately and efficiently reading prescriptions, filling them, recording the information, and maybe offering basic advice to patients.
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